About the documentary

Imagine that you are living in a developing country with some of the world's most beautiful and iconic mountains. Every year, hundreds of Western adventure tourists fly there to go on exciting mountain adventures.

You are a local teenager and have heard stories and seen pictures of people reaching the top but you don't have the the same opportunities to go on what could be a life changing adventure. You have always wondered what is the purpose; what is intriguing these Westerners to travel from afar to do such a thing? 

Climbing iconic mountains around the world has increasingly becoming a bucket list item for Westerners in part fueled by social media. But how can we give back and enable those less fortunate who inhabit these countries, to have the chance to go on what could be a life changing experience and become leaders of inspiration and change in their own communities.

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About OSO

Oso (Juan Alberto), is a 20 year old underprivileged Mexican who faced hardship growing up. He was raised by his grandparents in a poor neighborhood in Monterrey, Mexico. In recent years, he has started to change his life around after being introduced to rock climbing (through an NGO called Climbing Borders).

Oso is still at risk and this amazing opportunity will allow him to stay focused, inspire others in his community, and further improve his life and future by experiencing the unique aspects of climbing high mountains and for a few minutes being the highest person in his country.

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Tristan Harvey lives in Vancouver, B.C, Canada and grew up in tow of his parents international careers experiencing different cultures and languages across Africa, Europe and the Middle East. Loss of a parent as a late teen also exposed him to the harsh realities of life and death and the importance of living life to the fullest.

His zest for life and interest in the world and its inhabitants lead him to learning new languages, discovering local cultures and conquering some the world's tallest mountains.

With a particular interest in Mexican culture and Spanish language, Tristan was fortunate to have spent several months living with a local family which has helped him through his life and career. 

As an inspiring documentary maker with a passion for outdoor films, this project was developed by Tristan to give back to the country and culture which helped shape his life. Using his skills and experience in mountain climbing and his understanding of how life changing these adventures can be for young people, Tristan hopes to encourage others to live life to the fullest, believe in themselves and find strength to overcome life's challenges.



René Gisquet is a professional videographer based in Mexico City and is fluent in English. René previously worked for Salomon where he filmed several adventure sports documentaries in Mexico and abroad. René has climbed the Pico de Orizaba multiple times including once with Tristan.



Francesca Cesario is a mountain guide and ambassador for Escalando Fronteras based in Monterrey, Mexico. She is half-Canadian and has extensive experience guiding on the Pico de Orizaba. She is helping coordinate the training with Oso prior to the climb. She is also helping facilitate the logistical aspects of the expedition.

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Chris Segers (left) works as a social worker for a community inclusion organization in Burnaby, B.C, Canada. He will play a key role in providing guidance in helping Oso feel at ease through the expedition. Chris is a mountaineering enthusiast, weekend warrior and has been on several climbs with Tristan. He is helping plan and coordinate other logistical aspects of the documentary. Chris will appear in the documentary as a Western Adventure tourist and will take part in the climb.